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picHelston, Cornwall - 304 miles from the Farm Direct Depot

All our fresh fish come from Kernow Sashimi, a family run co-operative based off the South coast of Cornwall. Its run by Chris and Dylan Bean, a father and son team, who have been fishing the same waters for over 30 years.

Obviously, Chris and Dylan want to preserve these waters for the future generations of Beans, providing us with beautiful fresh fish, while still helping to maintain a healthy and balanced ecosystem in the waters they rely on.


Chris catches the fish on a Thursday morning; strait out of the net and into iced water boxes. It’s then gutted in the boat, cleaned and filleted before being packaged and sent in iced boxes to our depot. It arrives on Friday morning, ready for your plate on Friday night.

Kernowshishimi only use 4.5” static nets, meaning that they don’t disturb the sea bed and only catch the biggest fish. This maintains the level of fish stock in the area as the younger fish are able to swim right on through. As their nets are static, they only catch the fish that swim into them, so no bruised fish or destroyed habitats, like you get with trawlers.

All off the filleting is performed by Martin and Marius, who have 6 years of filleting experience between them. This takes place in a brand new filleting house, which has just been installed on the Kernowshishimi sight.

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