Produce update 15th May - White Asparagus, New Season Carrots & Coloured Peppers Inb

15 May 2019


We have the first White Asparagus in this week from J W Allen & Sons, Attleborough, Norfolk (next door to where your turkeys come from in fact!). It is the first year they have grown it, and quite possibly the first white asparagus grown in the UK on any scale, though white asparagus is really popular in France & Germany.

It is more labour intensive to grow, as it is grown in a much deeper ridge in the soil than green asparagus (and is therefore more expensive): it is essentially grown underground. You will need to peel the lower 2/3s of the stalks before cooking.

Spring weather so far has been really clement: rain, warmth and enough sunshine - so we have the first bunched carrots (orange & rainbow), from Pagets Farm in Wiltshire - a couple of week earlier than we usually would.

Plus we have the first Romaine lettuce, as well as Red and Yellow Peppers from the Lea Valley, about 20 miles north of our Tottenham Depot.

We have a gap in Flat Parsley this week - but Curly we do have.

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