Hot Chocolate w/ Maca (180g)
Picture of Hot Chocolate w/ Maca (180g)

A mixture of Cacao Powder, banana flakes, lucuma & maca makes a deliciously rich hot chocolate.

Organic, Vegan, Dairy free

Of The Earth Superfoods has taken a new approach to the idea of Organic hot chocolate. This mixture of Organic Cacao Powder, banana flakes, lucuma and maca makes a deliciously rich, smooth, creamy, thick and Organic hot chocolate, all naturally.

Boosting with antioxidants and with additional benefits of maca, which is so amazingly healthy that it's called "a fountain of youth" in its country of origin, Peru! This mix is especially apt for those who do not like the gingery sweet taste of maca, which is masked by the chocolate flavour of this recipe.