St. Giles Port Salut (approx. 142g)
Picture of St. Giles Port Salut (approx. 142g)

From Sarah & Mark Hardy of Tremains Farm, Horsted Keynes, West Sussex


Saint Giles

Following a "cheese naming" competition we ran in the local area, Saint Giles was born.
Saint Giles happens to be the name of our Norman village church in Horsted Keynes.

The cheese is an English equivalent to the continental style Saint Paulin or Port Salut style of cheese found in France.

Saint Giles, made with Organic Cows’ milk from the cows on our farm, is a semi soft creamy cheese. It has a rich, buttery texture, a creamy mild flavour and a stunning edible orange rind. .

Fat: 27% Protein: 20% Energy: 324 kcal/100g Salt 1.5%

GOLD - British Cheese Awards 2010 & 2012
SILVER and BRONZE - International Cheese Awards 2010 & 2012, Nantwich
Best English Cheese and the Best British Cheese, and was in the the top 5 cheeses to be voted World Champion at the World Cheese Awards 2009