Smoked Caerfilli (180g)
Picture of Smoked Caerfilli (180g)

From Carwyn Adams of Caws Cenarth Cheese, Fferm Glyneithinog, Pontseli.

Organic, Vegetarian

Available from Thursday (AM) 04 Mar
A Welsh classic, crafted to perfection. With a loose, velvety texture, this farmhouse Caerffili is like no other – no surprise when you know it’s as traditional today as when it was made by  Carwyn Adams’ great grandmothers, Lizzie Wyn and Leisa Jones.

Our Caerffili Wheels are available in two different types, one younger, fresher cheese without the darkened rind, the other a more matured Caerffili with the mould-darkened rind.  Both kinds are available to buy online.