Pain au Levain - Sourdough (800g)
Picture of Pain au Levain - Sourdough (800g)

From Flour Power City Bakery, London.

Organic, Vegetarian, Dairy free

Available from Fri 23 Aug
Flourpowercity's Original White Sourdough. Traditional method of baking helps to develop a rich tangy taste with a good hearty crust. The 'starter yeast' was fermented with grape juice 7 years ago!

Ingredients: 100% Strong White Flour, Water, Natural Fermentation, Salt.

Allergen notice

All products produced at Flour Power City Bakery are made in an environment where the following allergens are present,

·         Nuts
·         Gluten
·         Dairy
·         Soya
·         Seeds (Sesame)