Brother Michael (apx. 150g)
Picture of Brother Michael (apx. 150g)

A continental style semi-soft pungent organic cheese



Available until Sunday 28 Feb
Available from Thursday (PM) 04 Mar
Brother Michael is a semi –soft rind washed cheese , based on our Saint Giles.

Created by washing a 6 week matured Saint Giles cheese in brine and special cheese cultures several times a week for four weeks.
This process creates the lovely orange - pink colour on the sticky cheese surface and the distinctive sticky pungent aroma.

The texture is soft and creamy but the flavour is not as strong as the aroma would imply.


Gold in the New Cheese Class at the British Cheese Awards 2009
From Sarah & Mark Hardy of Tremains Farm, Horsted Keynes, West Sussex
Suitable for vegetarians