Renegade Monk Cheese (220g)
Picture of Renegade Monk Cheese (220g)
  • Renegade Monk Cheese (220g)
  • Renegade Monk Cheese (220g)

From Marcus Fergusson of Feltham Farm,

A soft blue cow’s cheese, drunkenly washed in ale.


Awarded Best Soft Cheese 2019 at World Cheese Awards

Organic, Vegetarian, Gluten free

Using artisan techniques but made to a newly developed recipe, Renegade Monk is made from organic, pasteurised cows’ milk while the set curd is then hand-washed in ale every few days as the cheese matures. Maturation takes no more than four weeks.

The cheesemaker, Marcus Fergusson, deliberately created a cheese of a style not traditionally found in Britain – but rather a cheese inspired by a range of Continental cheeses.

The resulting cheese combines the joyful creaminess of Brie and Camembert; the southern, creamy capriciousness of Saint-Marcellin and Banon; the sardonic bite of Epoisses and Langres; and the languid blue of Dolcelatte or a young Gorgonzola (gunning for a mention in Pseud’s Corner here).

Renegade Monk is European in style but determinedly Somerset British by design. The milk comes from Bruton Organic Dairy and the ale – Funky Monkey – from the Milk Street Brewery in Frome.

As an artisan cheese, Renegade Monk can naturally vary in consistency and temperament. When the cheese is firmer, the rind tends to be darker but the interior is milder on the palate; when the cheese is soft – and it can be encouraged into liquidity – the rind is pale with a scatter of blue, and a pungent, almost goaty inner core.

Renegade Monk should be kept refrigerated but allowed to come up to room temperature before eating. Prolonged refrigeration (not beyond its shelf life) will result in a firmer, drier cheese.
Renegade Monk Cheese Awards
Gold - Best Soft Cheese (small producer) - World Cheese Awards 2019
Gold - Taste of the West Awards 2019
Silver - Specialist Cheesemakers Association - World Cheese Awards 2019
Silver - Best Washed-Rind Cheese - British Cheese Awards 2019
Silver - Best Washed-Rind Cheese - Artisan Cheese Awards 2019
Winner - Best Food Producer - WDP Food & Farming Awards 2019
Runner up - Best New Cheese Producer - Great British Cheese Awards 2018
Two Stars - Great Taste Awards 2018
Gold - Best Artisan Soft Cheese - Global Cheese Awards 2017
Silver - Best Washed-Rind Cheese - World Cheese Awards 2017
Runner up - Best Soft Cheese - Great British Cheese Awards 2017