Mango & Turmeric Yoghurt (150g)
Picture of Mango & Turmeric Yoghurt (150g)


Greek Style Bio-Live Lactose Free



Available from Thu 29 Aug


This delicious Mango & Turmeric flavour is bio-live, lactose free and made with pure natural ingredients. The tropical fruit flavour lends it a gentle sweetness with the merest hint of spice from the turmeric. Perfect as a healthy snack on-the-go or an indulgent treat when it’s time to relax and enjoy.

We love it with chopped banana, it’s also gorgeous with a healthy granola.


Part of Tim's Dairy's London Collection Range, celebrating their 70th Anniversary London Collection


Founded in a Warren Street basement workroom in 1949 by our Uncle and Father, our yogurts were first delivered on a bicycle with a basket. Launched in 2019, The London Collection celebrates our 70th year as a family business and still today we are London’s local yogurt brand.

The range is inspired by this heritage and the exotic flavours and spices first shipped into the London docks from around the world.