Cornish Sardine Fillets (100g)
Picture of Cornish Sardine Fillets (100g)
  • Cornish Sardine Fillets (100g)
  • Cornish Sardine Fillets (100g)
  • Cornish Sardine Fillets (100g)

From The Pilchard Works, Ker-avel, Penzance, Cornwall.

In extra virgin Olive Oil.



Caught off the shores of Cornwall by small boats fishing for a few hours at a time, the fish are landed while as fresh as possible. Hauls are often caught within sight of Newlyn in Mount’s Bay. Sometimes a shoal is found so close to the harbour that people can watch the boats at work from the harbour quays, or you can usually see their lights flashing a little further out in the bay. The fish are only taken from the boats when in their best condition – a question of oil content in relation to the body weight of the fish.


Cornish Pilchard Fillets in Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Per 100g drained product
Energy: 205 kcal / 855 kJ
Protein: 22g
Fats: 13g
Of which saturates: 3.3g
Of which Omega 3: 2.0g
Salt: 1.0g
Cornish pilchard fillets (80%)
Extra virgin olive oil (19%)