Mushroom & Garlic Burgers 200g
Picture of Mushroom & Garlic Burgers 200g

Dragonfly Foods, Hitchcock’s Business Park, Exeter EX15 3FH

2 Mushroom & Garlic burgers.

Organic, Vegan, Dairy free

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More about Dragonfly Organic Mushroom & Garlic Burgers

Dragonfly's vegetarian mushroom burger has been made with mushrooms sourced locally to their kitchen in Devon, flavoured with a just hint of garlic to make this mushroom beany a ideal alternative for vegetarians.

Cooking Instructions

Barbecue: 6 mins each side.
Grill: 5 minutes each side.
Fry: 3 minutes each side.
Oven bake: 15 minutes 190°C Gas Mark 5
Microwave: 2 minutes on full.


Soya bean fibre & curd (45%), cooked brown rice (34%), mushroom (7.6%), onion, sunflower seeds, tamari, garlic (0.5%), black pepper, mix herbs(0.3%), sea salt. Cooked in sunflower oil.

Nutritional Information

Per 100g:
Energy 936kJ/224kcal, Protein 7.2g, Carbohydrate 16.4g (of which sugars 5.6g), Fat 14.4g (of which saturates 3.2g), Fibre 4.0g, Salt 0.68g

Almond, walnut and sesame trace.