Sprout Top
Picture of Sprout Top

From C J Bean & Son, Links Farm, Deal, Kent.

225g x 1
450g x 2
A delicious alternative to spinach and kale.  They are sweeter and milder than the sprouts themselves.

Simply cut into ribbons and steam for a few minutes.

Sprout tops offer all the nutritional virtues of brussels sprouts. Along with broccoli, they have the highest levels of glucosinolate compounds (which are believed to protect against cancer) of the (glucosinolate-rich) brassica family. These compounds also seem to help the body detoxify. Sprout tops are vitamin-dense, and have exceptionally rich stores of two vitamins in particular: anti-inflammatory vitamin K, which like calcium, helps build bone density; and vitamin C, which helps strengthen the immune system – a winner in winter.