Sprouts Mixed Selection Sprouts (160g)
Picture of Sprouts Mixed Selection Sprouts (160g)

From Aconbury Sprouts, Pontrilas, Hereford


A mixed selection of China Rose, Alfalfa & Mixed Sprouts.

Organic, Unpasteurised

Available from Thursday (PM) 05 Nov

A sublime trio of your favourite superfoods, in the form of sprouted seeds. These baby plants, harvested at just 4 days old, are brimming with vitamins and live enzymes. Sprouted Kale has a delicate nutty flavour, Sprouted Broccoli has a slight spicy kick, and Sprouted Purple Kohlrabi is sweetly mild. Add them to sandwiches, salads, and pittas to upgrade your snacks.


Organic alfalfa and radish sprouts* (30% alfalfa, 5% rambo radish sprouts), organic purple kohlrabi sprouts* 35% organic kale sprouts* 30%