Low FODMAP Beef Bone Broth
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  • Low FODMAP Beef Bone Broth
  • Low FODMAP Beef Bone Broth

From Borough Broth Co., Lowther Road, Stanmore, Middlx.

Organic, Free Range, Frozen


A gut-friendly broth that's packed full of flavour

Low FODMAP Organic Beef Bone Broth from Borough Broth Co. is completely free from onions, garlic and other high FODMAP (highly fermentable) foods. Made from a handful of carefully chosen ingredients, a slow 24 hour cook ensures this gelatinous broth is rich but digestible. It's made to complement gut-healing diets such as low FODMAP, AIP, SIBO and GAPS that are designed to ease symptoms of IBS and other gastrointestinal diseases. For those who can’t tolerate coffee, a hot cup of broth in the morning might just help you start the day off right.



Ingredients: spring water, beef bones* (40%), carrots*, apple cider vinegar*, black peppercorns*, pink Himalayan salt, thyme*, bay leaves*

* organic ingredient
Allergen Information
May Contain Peanuts, May Contain Tree Nuts
Allergy Information
May contain traces of Peanuts and Tree Nuts
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