Apple & Blackberry Pie
Picture of Apple & Blackberry Pie

From Dish Food, The Pie Shed, Danbury, Essex.



Apple pie is a classic dessert or served after dinner, when fresh blackberries are added for a fresh twist, you have a winner! Fat blackberries oozing purple juice with sweet, melting apples and sugar—simply delicious!


How we like it:

Served with warm custar during the winter, or cold ice cream during the summer.




Apples (42%), Wheat flour (17%), Brown Sugar (12%), Butter (from milk) (12%),Oats (3%), Golden Syrup (3%)


Shelf Life & Storage Conditions

Shelf Life    6 Months – Use within 2 days once cooked.
Storage Condition    -18 degrees
Cooking instructions    180 degrees for 50 minutes