Creedy Carver Duck, large (apx. 2.5 kg @ £7 / kg)
Picture of Creedy Carver Duck, large (apx. 2.5 kg @ £7 / kg)

From Creedy Carver Poultry, Merrifield, Exeter, Devon.

Free Range


From Crediton in Devon, Creedy Carver house the young ducks in heated units until they are 28 days old, when they are moved to wooden arks where they live as small flocks with daytime access to grassy paddocks.

Their diet is GM, antibiotic and growth promoter-free and is made up of corn, vegetable protein, minerals and vitamins. This all results in slow, healthy, natural growth and more tender and flavoursome meat.

Tip: Before cooking, prick the skin around the legs, where there can be a thick layer of fat.