Lupuloid IPA (330ml)
Picture of Lupuloid IPA (330ml)

From Beavertown Brewery, Lockwood Industrial Park, Tottenham, London.





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Style       IPA

ABV        6.7%

IBU         55

Malt        Extra Pale, Wheat, Flaked Oats, Golden naked oats, Torrefied Oats, Acidulated,

Yeast     US-05

Hops      Columbus, Citra, Mosaic, Ekuanot

Vegan    Yes


Introducing the newest addition to Beavertown's meticulous lineup of core range offerings, LUPULOID IPA, a 6.7% ABV India Pale Ale. The most notable thing is that it is their first straight up IPA, no funny business, just malt, yeast, water and hops. Lots of hops. It only took them four years!

First came the collaborations. They learned so much valuable information, and are eternally grateful to everybody who came to visit / opened their doors to them. These helped create fantastic brews in order to solidify in their minds exactly WHAT they wanted their IPA to be.

Then they turned it over to you, and introduced “The Invasion Of The Lupuloids,” as a series of waves of beers accompanied by a list of every technical detail you could want and more – by way of something similar to Top Trumps cards – every thing from yeast strains, through original / final gravity, to total hop oils per 100g listed. They felt this gave people ample info to make an informed decision, and then they listened. As feedback came in they tweaked recipes and plotted new brews, releasing another wave with the same info available, and then repeated the process. The end result was 10 IPAs, that were tweaked and adapted with the feedback they received until they were able to bring you the LUPULOID.

And now they can finally release it unto the world! Complete with an accompanying animation, tirelessly illustrated by (the amazing and ever humble) Nick Dwyer, with animation help from our buddies Studio Yuzu, and sound tracked by The BcBs, voiced by OUR ONE AND ONLY Logan Plant (before he cut his hair and had a shave!)