White Tea & Peach Juice (1ltr)
Picture of White Tea & Peach Juice (1ltr)

The Berry Company, St Mary Abbots Place, Kensington, London.

Vegan, Gluten free



White Tea and Peach juice blend with Lemon and Moringa made from all natural juices and botanicals. This juice blend contains no added sugar, sweeteners or artificial ingredients creating a juice blend that is full of taste and goodness.


Berried inside:



Its velvet skin and cheeky blush make the peach the picture of exoticism. Pale and pink in colour, this East Asian native not only has a luscious flavour, but a smooth mouthfeel too.



A squeeze of citrus livens up the taste buds! Lemon enhances the floral and herbal aromas of this blend for maximum refreshment that lasts


White Tea Extract

Refreshing, clean and stimulating, white tea extract bears the appearance of a light amber liquid. Ours carry faint herbal flavour notes.



Moringa is a lush leaf native to the Indian subcontinent. Intensely green in colour, it has a light, earthy flavour when powdered and provides texture and functionality to our delicious blend.