Original Steam Beer (350ml)
Picture of Original Steam Beer (350ml)

From Small Beer Company LTD, South Bermondsey, London


A rich rye style beer, The Original Small Beer Steam is an amber bridging the gap between a lager and an ale with dried fruits, spice and a rounded hop finish.
Tasting Notes: rounded malty richness, full of dried fruit biscuit

2.7% ABV
88 calories per 350ml bottle
0.9 UK unites per 350ml bottle
8.4g carbs per 350ml bottle

A Note from the Brewer: The style of Steam uses fermented lager yeasts at a (higher) ale temperature. The name was originally coined by Anchor Brewing when the brewery had no way to effectively chill the boiling wort using traditional methods. They pumped the hot wort up to large, shallow, open-top bins on the roof of the brewery to be chilled by the cooler air. This meant that the brewery had a distinct cloud of steam around the roof whenever they were brewing this style.

#SmallBeerMoments: matchside spectating, Sunday night pub quizzes, and stopping off after a long countryside cycle
Ingredients: water, malted barley, rye, oats, hops and yeast