Bones Lager
Picture of Bones Lager

From Beavertown Brewery, Lockwood Industrial Park, Tottenham, London.







Bones - smooth, crisp, refreshing and brewed using our unique gold award winning Beavertown recipe.

A low bitterness lager with a hint of citrus and the smoothest, cleanest aftertaste that delivers the ultimate, thirst quenching, easy drinking experience for you and all your mates. Guaranteed to hit the spot from your first pint to your last.

Make no bones about it, this is dead refreshing. Dead crisp. Dead. Good. Lager.


Style       Lager

ABV        4.4%

IBU         15

Malt        Extra Pale

Yeast     WLP883

Hops      Akoya & Saphir

Vegan    Yes