La Fresca Margarita Cheese
Picture of La Fresca Margarita Cheese

From Marcus Fergusson of Feltham Farm,


A lemony fresh cheese inspired by travels in Spain & Latin America.




An organic “queso fresco” inspired by our travels in Spain, and Latin America.  It is available Salted and Unsalted.  I


It’s a lemony, fresh cheese, which is equally good drizzled with honey (as developed by our friends at Durslade Farmshop with their homegrown Somerset honey) and figs (the unsalted version), or used as a filling in a Mexican tacos (the salted one).  


People are telling us it makes the most divine cheesecakes as well.  We say it really is best eaten within two weeks of make, though it will last longer.  And crowned Supreme Champion at the #VirtualCheeseAwards 2021!  We love the Virtual Cheese Awards because over 400 artisan cheeses are judged live, online by professional foodies, and it’s really helpful to understand how your cheese is perceived.  




2021 – Supreme Champion at the Virtual Cheese Awards beating 400 artisan cheeses