Wild Garlic (50g)
Picture of Wild Garlic (50g)
  • Wild Garlic (50g)
  • Wild Garlic (50g)

From Gavin Battle of Purely Pesto, Leiston, Suffolk.

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From Martin Mackey, Ripple Farm Organics, Canterbury, Kent.

Martin picks his wild Garlic from Burscome cliff Organic Farm, a livestock Farm approximately 8 miles from his own Ripple Farm. It is truly wild and not cultivated at all, and in return for allowing Martin to harvest the wild garlic, Martin lets them take some of his waste veg for livestock feed (often potatoes). 

It grows abundantly in about 2 acres of woods and Martin aims to move around the woods from year to year so as not to stress any one patch. the only drawback is access is poor so its quite a physical time consuming task to go and harvest it. (Lots of carrying!)