Placing a Regular Order

If you want to be sure that you get your Farm Direct order each week then why not place a regular order? 

Here's how it works:

1. Create your order: Create the order that you want each week.  As you know Farm Direct's products change week on week, however our staples remain the same.  It is best to create your weekly order with our staple items such as fruit and veg boxes, milk, bread and meat (you can add to your order each week for any other items you might want).

2. Select how often you want your order: Go to Checkout and in the drop down box select 'How often do you want this order'. 

3. Save card details: Checkout as normal.  In order to process regular orders you will need to save your card details. 

4. Order placed each Wednesday at 6.30am: Any products you've added to your basket will be added to your order, or you can edit your order afterwards to add or remove items. Your order e-mail notification will let you know if any products were unavailable.

5. Going Away? If you are going away or don't want your order one week you can suspend your regular order or 'book' your holiday in the "Regular Order Options" section below.

6. Editing your regular basket:  After placing your first regular order, you will see a symbol next to each product - click on it to add it to your regular order. You can remove and amend items in the "Regular Basket" section below.

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