Gloucester Old Spot Streaky Bacon

Picture of Gloucester Old Spot Streaky Bacon

From The Kimbers Family Farm, Wincanton, Somerset.

(apx.) 240g

Our home produced streaky bacon is full of flavour, perfect for frying or adding to meals. With just the right amount of sweetness that Gloucester Old Spot’s are famed for, this bacon will go down a treat.


Portion: 6 slices (approx. 300g)


Serves: Up to 3 people


The Butcher: Our streaky bacon from our Old Spot’s is thinly cut and has beautiful veins of fat running through it, along with a generous rind.


In The Kitchen: Streaky bacon is ideally suited to wrapping around sausages or chicken, or why not fry it up until crispy then add to a salad.