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Home / Boxes / Salad(2 products)
  • Picture of Autumn Leaf Box

    A selection of Winter Greens & Leaves to keep you healthy this Autumn!

    Typical contents:
    1 xAutumn Green Lettuce
    1 xCavolonero Kale (225g)
    1 xChalke Valley Watercress (100g)
    1 xFlat Parsley (50g)
    1 xGreen Cabbage
    1 xGreen Curly Kale (225g)
  • Picture of Organic Autumn Leaf Selection

    A selection of Organic Summer Greens to keep you healthy this Summer!

    All organic certified


    Typical contents:
    1 xAnnual Spinach (200g)
    1 xRed Brussel Sprout Tops
    1 xSeasonal Mixed Kale (225g)