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Home / Meat(254 products)
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Our beef is sourced from two farms: Bridget B in Hertfordshire and Beatbush (organic beef) in Essex. 


If you are after a special cut of beef and can't find it listed on our website please contact us, and we will be more than happy to help you.


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A range of cuts that you quite often will not find in your local supermarket. We really hope that you try some of them - we have tried to provide some recipe suggestions, to encourage you to have a go!

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The Bulgins of Beatbush Farm have a passion for farming that has really benefitted their sheep flock. They searched long and hard for the right breed, going across to France in the end to buy from a retired Englishman in the South West. This French breed are not restricted to the British breeding season, ensuring that Beatbush can produce new season lamb all year round for your enjoyment.

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  • Picture of Lamb Mince (approx 300g)


    From Nicola Bulgin's Flock of Romney Lambs from Latchingdon, Essex.


    Romney Lamb

    Free Range

  • Picture of Lamb Mince (approx 500g)


    From Nicola Bulgin's Flock of Romney Lambs from Latchingdon, Essex.


    Romney Lamb

    Free Range

  • Picture of Diced Lamb (500g avg)


    From Nicola Bulgin's Flock of Romney Lambs from Latchingdon, Essex.

    Serves 3-4


    Romney Lamb

    Free Range

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Our pork is sourced from Bridget B farm or Gill Wing (organic pork).


Bridget B's prefer to use rare breed pig breeds as they finish to a high standard, therefore, the eating quality is very high. More importantly, creating a demand for breeds like the British Lop, saddleback and Gloucester Old Spot, helps to ensure they don't become extinct.


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A selection of fine sausages and bacon from our meat providers.
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Our Rosé Veal comes from Ruth & Paul Kimber, of Linley Farm & Farm Shop, Somerset.

Their veal is a high quality, high welfare product that comes from unwanted bull dairy calves. If their calves were not reared by Jon & Vicky, they would be disposed off at 1-2 days old. In doing, so they solve a major problem for dairy farmers by using an inevitable by-product of their industry.

Their case has recently been highlighted by Jimmy Doherty in his Channel 4 documentary series, who says: "If we eat rosé veal, everyone’s a winner: the calf, the farmer and the consumer.”


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Nicola's Mutton is typically 2-3 years old, and this means that the meat is significantly different to that of lamb (which is up to a year old). It is deeper, darker, and has a stronger taste, and is therefore suited to slower cooking. But Nicola is at pains to point out that at 2-3 years, the sheep are still quite young, and therefore the meat is firm but not at all tough...!

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Welcome to our unusual requests section. Here you can find those off-cuts of meat that are not usually offered by your butcher.


From sweetbreads to pigs trotters, these cuts are often overlooked, despite their delicate flavour and nutritional value. With background information and recipe suggestions for each cut, this section will help make you make the most of your meat.



As the saying goes, you can eat every part of the pig except the squeal!
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  • Picture of Boudin Noir, (250g)


    From James Swift of Mitchel Troy, Monmouth.

    A smooth, rich, sweet, black pudding with a hint of spice


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