Beef Heart (1/4)
Picture of Beef Heart (1/4)

From The Kimbers Family Farm, Wincanton, Somerset.

Free Range, Grass Fed


Dense in texture, this beef heart offers a rich flavour. Rarely used in modern cooking, the heart is delicious when cooked slowly.

Weight: 1/4 of a heart

Serves: Up to 2 people


The Butcher: Large in size, the heart is often forgotten but should not be wasted.

In The Kitchen: If you’re unsure on the heart, chop it into small chunks and cook it slowly in a stew, or braise it with some red wine.

Generations of farming knowledge and experience have resulted in Gold award winning beef.

Kimbers Aberdeen Angus animals are grass fed on Somerset’s lush grassy pastures. They are free range from early spring into the autumn when the weather becomes inclement. During the winter animals are brought back to the homestead and housed in large, airy, light straw bedded barns.

Animals are hand selected by our Traditional Master Butcher, for quality and conformation. Using the expertise of small local slaughterhouses dramatically reduces stress and enhances carcass quality. 21 day naturally dry aged on the bone beef, produces marbled, extra tender and beautifully flavoured meat.