Beef Silverside

Picture of Beef Silverside

From The Kimbers Family Farm, Wincanton, Somerset.


Aberdeen Angus Beef

Free Range, Grass Fed

(apx.) 1Kg

This lean piece of beef will make a delicious choice for roasting and slow cooking. Having been aged to increase the tenderness, the silverside is prepared to provide the best flavour.


  • 1kg - Up to 4 people
  • 1.5kg - Up to 6 people
  • 2kg - Up to 8 people
  • 2.5kg - Up to 10 people
  • 3kg - Up to 12 people


The Butcher: Named because of the silver layer of tissue that coats the joint, the silverside has less marbling and is much leaner than other joints.

In The Kitchen: A good choice for roast dinner or slow cooking, be careful that this joint doesn’t dry out too much.

Please note that all meat weights are approximate and may vary by 20% either way.  If weight varies more we will let you know.