Gloucester Old Spot Smoked Back Bacon

Picture of Gloucester Old Spot Smoked Back Bacon

From The Kimbers Family Farm, Wincanton, Somerset.

(apx.) 200g

With the taste of beautiful Gloucester Old Spot and a generous rind, Kimbers' dry cured bacon is a delicious choice for breakfast or any other meal. With no added water, it comes from their own traditional breed pigs.


Serves: Up to 3 people


The Butcher: this bacon is dry cured to provide a beautiful flavour, with the sweetness that Old Spot’s are famous for. With the right amount of fat, when well cooked, this bacon has the right amount of ‘crisp’.


In The Kitchen: Of course this back bacon is perfect for a morning bacon sandwich, or combined with our sausages and black pudding for the best Full English.