Lamb Shoulder Blade

Picture of Lamb Shoulder Blade

From The Kimbers Family Farm, Wincanton, Somerset.

Free Range

(apx.) 1.25Kg

Perfect for slow roasting, this delicious lamb shoulder blade is ideal for trying with garlic oil, rosemary and garlic.


  • 1.5kg - Up to 3 people
  • 2kg - Up to 5 people

Please note that all meat weights are approximate and may vary by 20% either way.  If weight varies more we will let you know.


Beatbush chose to breed the Romney, a British breed of sheep which are becoming more popular recently in this country as attitudes move away from the high input breeds that need feeding lots of concentrates back to the traditional sheep that thrived on grass based systems.

They started using New Zealand Romney Rams on their ewes in 2007 and this has produced a slightly smaller hardier sheep that is ideal for the environment they have at High Fen. They breed all of their own replacement ewes and so know that ewe lambs joining the flock have already proved they are well suited to the farm.

Once a year they buy in Rams and are careful in selection. Not only must they come from high health status stock they must also be able to pass on the qualities we require in our ewes in the future. Quality sheep for quality taste!