Best Braising Steak

Picture of Best Braising Steak

From The Kimbers Family Farm, Wincanton, Somerset.


Aberdeen Angus Beef

Free Range, Grass Fed

(weights approximate)

Lean and offering outstanding flavour, beef braising steak is the perfect choice for the slow cooker. With gorgeous marbling, your casserole or stew will be all the better with this steak.

Serves: Up to 4 people


The Butcher: Aged for 21 days on the bone from our Aberdeen Angus X herd, our beef braising steak comes whole so you can choose what size pieces to use. The marbling ensures that the slow cooked meat will be melt in the mouth when it’s ready.

In The Kitchen: Tender and melt in the mouth, braising steak is perfect for slow cooked stews, casseroles or pies. Served traditionally with potatoes and roasted veg, it’s great for a cold winter’s night.

Please note that all meat weights are approximate and may vary by 20% either way.  If weight varies more we will let you know.