The Insect Hotel

Picture of The Insect Hotel

From Kings Seeds, Monks Farm, Kelvedon, Essex

Attract beneficial insects into your garden with the Insect Hotel.

Available from Thursday 06 Jun


The Insect Hotel will create the perfect environment to bring a multitude of bugs and insects into your garden. It is made from treated softwood with a metal roof which makes an ideal habitat for solitary bees to lay their eggs. It is also perfect for Green Lacewing, Red Mason Bees, Earwigs and Ladybirds. It encourages them to breed, shelter, hibernate and thrive. This attractive hotel comes with instructions on where to hang it and what to look out for when it is occupied.


This Insect Hotel is a great gift for any gardener of any age!


Top Floor

Will encourage bees.


Second Floor

Should attract Green Lacewing.


First Floor

This floor is ideal for Ladybirds.


Ground Floor

This floor will bring Earwigs into your garden.