Mother's Day Afternoon Tea

Picture of Mother's Day Afternoon Tea


Tea for 4-6: Sandwiches & Pastries

Available from Thursday 30 May


We have put together a Mother's Afternoon Tea Box - for Mothering Sunday.


Its consists of some ingredients to make a nice selection of Sandwiches (15 mins work?), as well as some pastries, muffins, hot cross buns & jam.


We have resisted putting in any teabags, coffee, or milk. But we thought that it is quite a substantial box, you might even prefer something stronger than tea, to accompany it, and then you might not even need to bother with dinner!


The choice is yours.


Box contains:

1 x Little Gem Lettuce x 2
1 x Tiptree Strawberry (42g)
1 x Cress Punnet
1 x Iced Bun (1)
1 x Tiptree Apricot (42g)
1 x Marbled Chocolate Brioche (1)
1 x Wholemeal Sourdough (900g)
1 x Cinnamon Danish
1 x Smoked Salmon (Sliced) (100g)
1 x Soft Cream Cheese (220 ml)
1 x Traditional Cooked Ham (apx. 130g, £30.00/Kg)
1 x Long Cucumber
1 x Stem Ginger Loaf Cake (390g)
1 x Orange Brioche (1)