Girolande Norfolk Pasta (500g)

Picture of Girolande Norfolk Pasta (500g)

From Waveney Mill, Forest Road, Norwich.

Vegan, Dairy free



Waveney Mill's take on the traditional fusilli shape, which is literally translated to ‘little spindles’ in Italian.

Fusilli comes from “fuso” meaning spindle. As history states, fusilli pasta shapes were hand made using a spindle rod that was used to spin strips of pasta into the corkscrew shape we all know and love today.

Thanks to its twisted shape, our girandole is the perfect choice when it comes to holding a variety of sauces and dressings; anything from thin, simple olive oil dressings to thicker, chunkier sauces, thanks to its compact spring shape which “traps” sauces within its spirals.

Perfect for vegetable, meat or fish-based dishes, make girandole a cupboard staple today.