All the Peas - Mix #3

Picture of All the Peas - Mix #3

From Hodmedod's Great British Beans Peas, Haleworth, Suffolk


A five variety mix of Red Fox Carlin and Black Badger Carlins, Whole Blue and Whole Yellows, and Marrowfat Peas.




All the peas, blended and ready to soak, cook and eat, a colourful British twist on bean mixes and blends.

For use in soups, salads of stews, soak for eight hours (overnight), rinse, bring to the boil and simmer until soft (40 to 45 minutes).
Notes on Cooking Dried Pulses

Cooking times for dried pulses and mixes will be longer at higher altitudes and when cooking with hard water or older pulses.

Cooked Mix #3 can be used immediately or frozen for later use.