Thai Broth

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From Tom Pryor of Spring Broth, West Hanningfield, Essex.

Free Range

Thai Broth - Spring Broth's blonde chicken recipe with lemon grass, ginger, chilli and a little light coconut milk.
About Bone Broth – Rejuvenate and aid your body from the inside out with this nutritionally dense daily intake, consumed as a hot drink alternative or used in cooking, bone broth will hlp you meet the demands of modern life.
Provenance – Our chicken is only ever sourced directly from British farms which allow their animals total freedom roam outside, are grass fed and live for a minimum 71 days. The farms do not use any antibiotics or hormones.
Our beef is Pasture for Life Association certified.
Packaging – Glass bottles
About Spring - We are ruthless in our pursuit of flavour and nutrition, unbound by tradition and inspired by the creativity and precision of the world’s latest generation of pioneering chefs.
Chicken (~43.2%) meat & bones, carrot, onion, button mushrooms, leek, garlic, black peppercorns, bay leaf, apple cider vinegar, lemon grass, ginger, chilli, water. Coconut Milk (3%) – organic coconut milk, organic rice, sea salt
We do not use any of the 14 allergens recongised by the Food Standards Agency.
Heat contents to 86℃ or until steam rises, do not boil, add salt & pepper to taste
Store refrigerated, use within 10 days of opening. Do not freeze in glass bottle
Shelf Life
Please see bottle cap.