Emma & Fava Bean Sedani

Picture of Emma & Fava Bean Sedani

From Pastificio Carleschi, Lancaster Rd, London E11.


Made using 100% British organic flour.



Pastificio Carleschi make the best pasta we've eaten, using the stone-ground flour of carefully selected British-grown grains. The bronze die pasta is produced and dried at low temperatures to maintain the flavour and nutrition.

We’re absolutely delighted to be offering this pasta, a collaboration with Giovanni Carleschi of Pastificio Carleschi inspired by the fava bean and wheat pasta of central and southern Italy. Read more on our blog...

Packed in a plastic-free bag.

Cooking time

8 minutes, al dente.

Sedani rigati, ridged tubes named for their likeness to celery stems, hold sauces well. Try them in dishes where you might otherwise use of macaroni or penne, or use in place of tacconi in recipes from the Marche or Tuscany.