About Farm Direct


About us
Farm direct is a weekly delivery service offering local seasonal food to Londoners.  
Each week we offer a wide range of delicious food from over 150 different British farms and food producers.  
Our weekly service runs from Thursday through to Saturday morning and depending on your postcode, we offer a upto three delivery slots over Thursday< Friday & Saturday morning. 


Why use Farm Direct?


If you are looking for a food delivery service that focusses on British only produce, supports sustainable forms of agriculture, and which offers a bit more access (upto 3 delivery slots per week) and convenience (2am order deadline for a morning delivery) than a regular box scheme, then Farm Direct might just what you are looking for.

Who we are
Farm direct was born in Islington 2009, and evolved via Tottenham to Blackhorse Road  where we now operate out of a good size shed with a large fridge.
We are a busy team currently comprising 2-3 pickers, 6 drivers, 1 tech wizard Dave holding it all together, and a large web of growers & producers channelling their wares into us each week.  All working hard, and generally together, to deliver delicious seasonal food to Londoners.   

We are hoping in our own small way to make a contribution to combat the ominous changes we are starting to experience as a result of climate change.
We try to be conscious of changing customers tastes and trends. We are always on the hunt for new exciting products from young and upcoming producers, and being London based, that is a very fertile landscape.



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                      Naga                                                                            Robbie 


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                           Abdi                                                                            Nikki


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                             Gary                                                                       Said