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Attleborough, Norfolk - 97.9 miles for the Farm Direct Depot


Great Grove Farm is a small family farm who specialise in producing quality turkeys and geese just for the Christmas market. The farm is approx 35 acres in size and covered in woodland and grassland which is used to rear our poultry in a stress free environment.

Using an aged old method of farming they allow their traditional Norfolk Turkey and Geese plenty of time to grow to maturity without using any growth promoters or antibiotics, giving a far superior quality of bird with natural gamey flavours.

Everything is processed on the farm, graded and hung in large chillers (minimum 10 days) to make them exceptionally tender, adding all the natural flavours that this type of production depends on.

Great Grove Farm aim to produce the tastiest and most succulent poultry that you can buy. This is achieved through the various traditional methods that they have continued to use over several years and produces a superior quiality and flavour.

Great Grove Farm only use slow growing strains that are grown to full maturity 24-27 weeks old which gives them a layer of fat to aid with the cooking to make the meat nice and juicy.  All their birds have free-access to grass and woodland and shelter if needed.  The birds have a mainly cereal based diet with no growth promoters or hormones.  They delayed evisceration, to gain all those natural, gamey flavours and are dry plucked by hand.

Great Grove Farm are members of the Goose producers Association and the Traditional Farmfresh Turkey Association so adhere to the very high standards that they set out.

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