Rapeseed Oil for Olive Oil? Why now is the time to switch

01 March 2017


Olive Oil might be the go to oil for cooks & chefs, but 2017 could well be the year that we see a significant shift towards using Rapeseed Oil - why?


The fall in the value of Britain's currency, Sterling, means that Olive Oil will rise in price as they year progresses

There has been a poor olive harvest, and this is going to push prices up further


Overall, olive oil prices are likely to increase a lot this year - anywhere from 10%-30%, but both of the factors above have litlle impact on Rapeseed oil, which is grown here in the UK.


We now offer it in 3 sizes - 750ml, 500ml, 250ml. The quality is excellent, the prices are more competitve than ever, and it is a really versatile oil - whats not to like?!