What's new in veggies this week?

10 May 2017


A busy week of veg this week - the highlight of which is perhaps the arrival of new season garlic.

Called 'wet garlic' because it hasnt yet dried out, it looks like a long spring onion, with a stiffer tail and larger head. You can eat both head and tail, slicing it up and using in the same way you would a regular garlic bulb, or you can just put it straight into salads. it has a milder fresher taste than mature garlic: its lovely.

We also have New Potatoesnew season Pak Choi,  baby turnipsbaby leeks, the first baby leaved kale, a new crop of Spinach to get through (Annual Spinach) as well as some new cut herbs, Sage & Marjoram.

All in all, this time of year, the variety of produce does reflect the weather - clean, fresh, light - a lovely time to enjoy local produce. But then to paraphrase Mandy Rice-Davies, we would say that wouldnt we?!