First Celery, Opal Plums, Long Aubergines & Garlic Grappes

12 July 2017


The garlic has now started to dry out nicely and so we are offering the first grappes this week - hand sown by Roy in Essex, and hand tied by us in Tottenham, we are quietly hopeful that we are the only folk offering Essex grown Garlic Grappes out there - excellent value for just £3.89, they look very pretty and make a lovely 'gift with a difference'.

We have the first long aubergines in this week - but only a few, so be quick - they are lovely and more versatile than their humpier round cousins.

And the first Opal Plums are in this week - they are a relatively low sugar fruit, so you can eat them to your hearts content. We have a lovely Plum & Orange Crumble recipe box, if you fancy cooking them instead.

Courgettes are now very good value - I am in the kitchen this week making a Lemon Courgette Cake, just 329p - courgettes are a lovely ingredient to add to loaf cakes - ensuring a nice moist cake.