Veg this week - less known roots & plentiful greens

10 January 2018


The days are expanding, and getting lighter - 2.5 minutes of extra light per day - and that really starts to help veggie growth after the Winter break.

We have two new root veggie lines in this week - root parsley and salsify. Root parsley looks like a parsnip (and is the root of parsley, no surprises there) - but it is milder and is very versatile - lovely grated up in a remoulade, or sliced up into a stir fry or roasted / steamed.

Salsify, also known as the oyster plant - again a parsnip look-a-like with a mildly oystery flavour - something diffferent in grey January!

Plus we have plenty of greens, from baby Cos & Butterhead lettuce, and a wide range of winter greens and Brassica - a great seasonal and healthy variety for January!