What the key ingredient to perfect pancakes and scones?

06 February 2018

It is Ivy House Farm Fresh Jersey Buttermilk, of course...!


What is it, and why is it special?


Our Organic Jersey Buttermilk is the liquid left behind after churning butter out of cultured cream.


Before cream can be skimmed from whole milk, the milk is left to sit for a period of time to allow the cream and milk to separate. During this time, naturally occurring lactic acid-producing bacteria in the milk ferment it. This helps the butter churning process, since fat from cream with a lower pH coalesces more readily than that of fresh cream. The acidic environment also helps prevent potentially harmful microorganisms from growing, increasing its shelf-life.


The cream is then removed to make butter with, leaving the relatively acidic buttermilk behind, and it is this acidity that gives buttermilk its characteristic tartness, and it gives it some very hand culinary uses.


For example in baking, the acid in buttermilk reacts with the rising agent, sodium bicarbonate, to produce carbon dioxide which acts as the leavening agent – so it is the key ingredient in Soda bread,


And it is also excellent in making pancakes (it gives a lighter, fluffier type of pancake) as well in scones that it again lifts up.


So why not try our recipe boxes for either buttermilk scones, or buttermilk pancakes?