Spring fish - its the time for super-nutritious Pollock Roe

07 March 2018


At this time of year, much of the fish landed is carrying roe. and so it is a product we are happy to start offering from this week - and we are offering pollock roe.

Roe is super-nutritious, by far the most nutritious part of the fish - packed with micro-nutrients and Omega-3 fatty acids, BUT is hugely overlooked by the general population who are used to eating white fillet - this means it is good value - just £10 / kg.

So get in the swing, detach yourself from the general population and start enjoying the pollock roe!

But how i hear you ask? The easiest way is to take a roe, remove the skin, and use it as a delicate fishy mince-like filler - ie add some breadcrumbs, seasoning and stuff some peppers with it, or role it in a spinach leaf and shallow fry it - Islington resident Nigel Slater has a couple of lovely recipes for it.

Final word - the pollock was landed today and we are having it frozen immediately - so it will come to you frozen - this is because it is really delicate, and the thin skin quite often breaks (which is why most roe is salted or cured).