Veg update this week: greens return but spring range delayed

07 March 2018


Affer the disruptions of last week, we welcome back the more delicate Chard & Spinach this week. Frost damage has been relatively light, which is good news and we are now hoping for a bit of spring warmth!

But the cold spell  has definitely dented the spring range - we were offering Wild Garlic this time last year, but it looks like we see it  for another week or two. Cucumber might start next week, and outdoor rhubarb is still a good way off (at least we have the forced).


Apples are starting to thin out - we have just Cox, Braeburn and Bramleys now left.

This in effect means that we are running more to the Astronomical Seasonal Dates (Spring starting on the 21st March) rather than the Meteorological dates (spring starting on the 1st March). In my humble opinion, this is a good thing - it means we are having a proper traditiional winter and means our climate is following the planetary orbits, rather than the human construct of the Julius Ceasar's Julian Calendar.