Veg update this week: Baby leaf sale, Jersey Royals & Romanescos

11 April 2018

We some lovely new spring arrivals this week - the first new season Jersey Royal potatoes are in this week - they are relatively late this year, due to the proper winter we have had - but that makes them all the more happily welcome.

Jerseys have a distinctly nutty flavour, and you don't have to peel them yet as the skins are still young and tender - gorgeous just steamed and served with butter & mint. Or why not try them with chopped wild garlic leaves instead of mint?

They are very good value, compared the the price you will find elsewhere.

The warmer weather also means we have a good quantity of baby leaf spinach (unsprayed) now coming through - so this has dropped in price - 219p for a big 300g bag is very good value and good opportunity to stock up (as it going to very little on cooking!).

The rhubarb is now also coming through more strongly and so this has dropped in price.

And we have a late arrival crop of lovely Romanesco cauliflowers.

Cavalo Nero has sadly finished now - it is always so popular -it should be back in 2-3 months time. But we do still have other spring kales.

Apples - this is the lean time, but we have two eaters left (Opal & Gala) & the cooker Bramleys. Pears are finished.



Picture of Jersey Royals BULK BUY (1kg)Picture of Baby Leaf Spinach (150g)Picture of Romanesco CauliflowerPicture of Opal Apples (1kg)