New Veggies this week 3rd May

03 May 2018


The cold and wet weather of the last 72 hours has stalled progress this week - we were hoping for plentiful mini-cucumber this week, but they will now be next week.

Aside from this, we do still have the first two Nightshade varieties of veggies this year from South View Nursery in the Lee Valley (about 20 miles North of our Tottenham Depot). They are Red &Yellow Peppers & Aubergines - they are only trickling through at this stage, we don't have many, so don't hang around for them.

We also have the first Unsprayed Cherry Tomatoes in from Walmestone Growers, Kent.

The forecast for the next 7-10 days is set to fair and warm, so we are hopeful that new season lines will start pushing through from next week.

Tiptree strawberries are expected to be with us from Friday 18th May - 3 weeks later than last year.

This is likely to be the last week of the ever popular Tenderstem broccoli - it is starting to seed now, and so is not quite as pristine as it was a couple of months ago.

Beyond this - we have a bunch of good seasonal new arrivals - first asparagus , green garlic bunches & wild nettle tips