New Veggies this week 9th May

09 May 2018

The big temperature turnaround from last week to this week has meant a couple of unexpected surprises!

We have the first few strawberries in this week from Tiptree Farm Essex (a week earlier than expected) - this week only they are coming in smaller punnet sizes (227g) - from next week, they will be their usual 400g size - so please note, they are relatively expensive this first week due to their scarcity.

We also have the first few courgette flowers in too this week - again, a relative trickle, there will be plenty more next week. plus the first crunchy crispbread lettuces of the season.

We do have plenty of new season Organic Heirloom tomatoes - they have ripened up very well these past few days in the Isle of Wight glasshouses - these are in addition to the cherry tomatoes,cherry vinecocktail vinemini plum & Beefsteak.

It is the final week of Kale this week - traditionally a winter crop, such is its popularity that summer varieties are now grown - we reckon there will probably only be a 2-3 week gap before the summer crop is ready.


Root veggies are on their way out fast - Swede, Celeriac, beetroot, parsnips are all off now until the autumn - we do have some loose carrots still available. From next week, we will be picking up with our usual range of new season baby veggies from Neil Smith, of Remfresh, in Colchester (he too is late this year, due to the cold spring).


picPicture of Tiptree Strawberries (227g)Picture of Crisphead LettucePicture of Mixed Heirloom Tomatoes (400g @ £8 / kg)