Veggie update 27/02/19

27 February 2019

A busy end of the month - in large part due to this unexpectedly strong burst of sunshine.

We have the first Wild Garlic in this week - a good week to ten days earlier than usual for us and also the first crop of radishes - both lines are a bit limited, so don't hang around for them.

The wild garlic is a lovely early spring treat - long slim leaves of fresh tasting garlic that work really well in salads, or added late into dishes (instead of garlic), or whipped up into a very good wild garlic pesto.

Winter leaf will start to thin out over the coming weeks as the hungry gap approaches - we have a couple of lovely new recipe boxes to make the most of them: Chickpeas with Chard, & Savoy Cabbage with Shallots & Fennel.